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2016 Photos | Sayer Photography

10 years of Sayer Photography!

2016 Photos | Barnes

Wow, that's a lot of photos!

2015 Photos | Sayer

Tim Sayer was as happy as we were for a beautiful, sunny day!

2015 Photos | Barnes

Record turnout.

2014 Photos | Sayer Photography

The rain stopped just in time for our "reiny" run!

2013 Photos | Sayer Photography

Record breaking day! You can purchase these photos from Sayer Photography

2012 Photos | Sayer Photography

Wow - what a great day!

2012 Photos | Santa

Ho Ho Ho! Happy Reindeer Fun Run!

2012 Photos | Barnes

Lots and lots of fun photos!

2011 Photos | Sayer Photography

A great race on a great day in a great town. Thanks to Aberdeen for the warm welcome!

2011 Photos | Barnes

Records broken all around!

2011 Photos | Santa

Santa listend to Egg Nog Joggers and Reindeer Fun Runners all over Aberdeen.

2010 Photos | Santa

The kids at the Reindeer Fun Run were very good this year!

2010 Photos | Barnes (ENJ & party)

Egg Nog Jog & After Party photos from Dana Barnes

2010 Photos | Barnes (race)

5k & 10k photos from Dana Barnes

2010 Photos | Sayer Photography

Awesome year - awesome photos! Just look at that parade of runners!

2010 Photos | Blitzen Bash

Kick off to the holiday season and the 2010 Reindeer Fun Run.

2010 Photos | Pre-race

Boys & Girls Clubs & Volunteer Meeting

2009 Photos | Sayer Photography

Tim Sayer came through again with great photos of another record breaking Reindeer Fun Run!

2009 Photos | Extra

Thank you to our runners and fans for giving us these great photos of the 3rd Annual Reindeer Fun Run!

2009 Photos | Santa!

Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa said the kids at the 3rd Annual Reindeer Fun Run were very, very good!

2008 Photos | Sayer Photography + Extra

50% bigger than year one - and lots of great photos from Tim Sayer and fans of the 2nd Annual Reindeer Fun Run!

2007 Photos | Sayer Photography + Extra

The 1st Annual Reindeer Fun Run was a great success - thank you to Tim Sayer for the great photos!

Contact us to share your Reindeer Fun Run photos!

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