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Yup! Both the 5k & 12k are bib-timed (Egg Nog Jog is not). There is a small strip on your bib that starts your time when you cross the start line and stops when you cross the finish line. Remember, if you are competing for a top spot, that official times are gun start to crossing the finish line. If you’re curious, here’s why…

The USATF (United States of America Track & Field) stipulates that a “race” is against other competitors, race traffic, and changing road conditions–it takes speed and strategy to win. If you have to weave through others, that is part of the race. Only the gun time puts runners head-to-head. The “bib-time” (measured from when you cross the starting line) is really a personal measurment, or time-trial. A sneaky runner could decide to let everyone get out of the way, then run all alone at the end for a fast bib-time to an unfair advantage (who would do that right?). So bib-time is what most of us go by, but not the “official race time.” So, hope that helps. Here is a link to the USATF rule book if you are super curious.

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It all depends on your pace (minutes per mile). But, here are some rough calculations you can share with those who have come out to watch and cheer you on:

 Pace Chart




Egg Nog Jog

Distance (miles)  7.66  3.10  0.50
9:00 AM 12k Start    
9:15 AM      
9:30 AM   5k Start   
9:45 AM 05:52 04:50   
10:00 AM 07:50 09:41   
10:15 AM 09:47 14:31   
10:30 AM 11:45 19:21  ENJ Start
10:45 AM 13:42  24:12   
11:00 AM 15:40    
11:15 AM 17:37    
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