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Thank you Trident Marketing!

Trident Marketing has been a sponsor of the Reindeer Fun Run from day 1.   Actually, from about day -364.  The original concept of the Reindeer Fun Run was formed with the owners of Trident Marketing after seeing the Charleston, SC Reindeer Run, and they offered their immediate support one year before the event even took place.

Trident Marketing is a multi-channel direct response company that develops marketing and sales channels for leading consumer brands in the United States in home services and the travel industry. Trident Marketing has over 20 years experience in end-to-end marketing and sales, providing its brands a foundation built on human capital, technological expertise, and strategic innovation. At Trident Marketing people are our greatest asset. Today, with over 300 employees, Trident Marketing is utilizing our resources and experience to deliver expansion opportunities to our growing list of partners.

Learn more about Trident Marketing at tridentmarketing.com

Sponsor + Hosts of 5k Reindeer Fun Run and 12ks of Christmas since 2007!

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