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2020 Packet Pick-up & Race Day Info

1. Step ONE…Register for the Race 

First thing first—you’ve got to sign up! And if you want to make sure you get your race swag—including our 2020 shirt and optional BUFF®, you have to register by NOVEMBER 15. That’s coming up really soon, so get on board and click here to do it now! 

When you go through the signup process, you’ll decide whether you will

2020 Reindeer Fun Run Shirt Design
The 2020 Reindeer Fun Run shirt is a gray technical t-shirt.

pick up your race packet in person or have it shipped for a flat $6 fee. Packet pickup will be held November 30 and December 1 at FirstHealth Fitness Pinehurst from 12-7 each day. We’ll be using social distance protocols and following local health guidance to keep everyone safe, but if you want a 100% contactless option, opt for the $6 shipping. 

2. Step TWO…Decide on the WHERE, the WHEN, and the WHO of your Reindeer Fun Run

Just like all of you, we’d give anything to be able to gather together in person on one crisp December morning to run, celebrate the season, and raise a ton of money for the Boys and Girls Club of the Sandhills as one joyful herd of folks in antlers. But since we can’t do that this year, we’re choosing to focus on the positive. And the best thing about a virtual race is FLEXIBILITY. 

This year, you decide WHERE you run. Anyone can run, from anywhere around the globe! (Our founders David and Kate will be running from Spain this year!) Wherever you are, you’ll need to set a course. If you’re local and you’re running the 5k, we’ve got suggestions right here on our site, including our normal Aberdeen course, our OG Southern Pines course, and a course suggested by our Official Training Partner First Health Fitness. If you’re running from afar, or tackling the 12k distance, we suggest looking to local running clubs for route guidance, or using apps and services such as MapMyRun to set a course. Be sure to consider safety when selecting your route, avoiding high traffic and low-visibility roads whenever possible. 

Next, decide WHEN you will run. If you’re running solo, this might be a last minute decision. If you’re running with a group, plan a little, check the weather forecast, and pick a date and time that works for everyone. 

Finally, pick your WHO and form your Reindeer Fun Run crew. Some of you might love to run alone…and we support that! But if running with a happy crowd is one of your favorite things about Reindeer Fun Run race day, consider enlisting people to run with you. Turn it into a family affair, a workplace challenge, a bonding event for sports teammates, or a healthy outdoor social meet-up with friends. Maybe finish your course at a favorite local spot where you can grab some munchies and share a toast to the season! 

Reindeer Fun Run family running
The race may be virtual, but you can still gather your Reindeer Fun Run crew to create a festive event!

3. Step THREE…Ready, Set, RUN! 

Once you’ve signed up and made a plan, the only thing left to do is run! We highly encourage costumes, and we WILL be awarding prizes to the best we see, so tag us with social photos using both #ReindeerFunRun and #ReindeerFunRun2020! If you’d like to share your time or celebrate a PR, we’ll be keeping track. Just use the form on the homepage (www.reindeerfunrun.com)—and don’t worry if you don’t see it now. It will be there by December 1! (You can also use that form to send us pictures.) Not in a sharing mood? No biggie…your time is your business if you don’t feel like sending it in! 

Once you’ve finished your race, relax and enjoy that warm after-race endorphin glow, knowing you’ve helped a critical community resource that depends on this annual fundraiser to keep providing their high level of services. The Boys and Girls Club of the Sandhills is keeping our youth active, engaged, and safe during this pandemic, and providing food and academic support to those that need it most. Your support means so much. 

Got more questions? Check our FAQ or reach out to us at [email protected]. Ready to run? SIGN UP NOW

Reindeer Fun Run
Aberdeen, NC, 100 E. Main Street,Aberdeen, NC,USA-28315
Starting on
December 1, 2020
Ending on
December 14, 2020
Packet pick up and race day information
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