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Reindeer Fun Run Logos

Here’s a look back at Reindeer Fun Run logos, starting in 2007 when our race began…

The official Reindeer Fun Run logos

2007 Reindeer Fun Run Logo
2007: The original running reindeer – simple and fun with old-school sneakers.

2008 Reindeer Fun Run Logo
2008: Feet moving now and head raised, this reindeer is picking up speed. A little more decoration too as the holly makes its first appearance! Our “generic” logo is very close to this version.

2009 Reindeer Fun Run Logo
2009: Head up a little more, and now rocking a Santa hat to add to the holiday cheer.

2010 Reindeer Fun Run Logo
2010: This reindeer is getting fancy – all tangled up in christmas lights. Been there.

2011 Reindeer Fun Run Logo
2011: A new direction for the race, and a new direction for our reindeer. Now in Aberdeen and sporting the tartan scarf, the colors are a little deeper to match.

2012 Reindeer Fun Run Logo
2012: Year six and our reindeer is competing! The tartan is now a sweat band, and the reindeer is working hard with the bib sporting the year.

2012 Reindeer Fun Run Logo
2013: Lookout! Our reindeer is a throwback to earlier logos, but he has a hop-on. Our new friend is whispering, “run, run as fast as you can…” and sporting a tartan scarf too.

2014: Our event starts at Union Station in Aberdeen, NC, so it seemed fitting that our reindeer would don a conductor’s hat and scarf. The RR sign seemed a fitting place for the name.

2015 Reindeer Fun Run Super Reindeer Logo
2015: After eight successful events, our reindeer started feeling pretty great and decided to don an alter-ego. The Super Reindeer is leaping into the sky.

2016 Reindeer Fun Run logo
2016: Our 10th Anniversary reindeer decided his scarf and “tam” (the official tartan of Aberdeen) was the perfect way to celebrate the day.

Other Reindeer Fun Run logos

2011: We decided to add a “retro” logo to our mix. This throwback logo played with the 2010 version of our logo.

2012: We decided we needed a fun way to end our messages, so the Reindeer Fun Run Emoticon was born. If you can’t see it, turn your head to the left 3:o)

The logo gets real

Our 2011 Reindeer made an appearance in Pinehurst.
We’ve also decided to have some real reindeer join us along the way. The 2011 version of our reindeer was spotted on Pinehurst No.2.

Blessing of the Hounds
Our 2013 reindeer took part in the Blessing of the Hounds in Southern Pines, North Carolina – along with his gingerbread hop-on.

Our 2014 reindeer is taking the railroad tracks all the way to Aberdeen.

Sly Fox Reindeer at Phone Booth
That’s our reindeer all right, but what is he doing going into the phone booth are our sponsor The Sly Fox?

Gingerbread man signal over Nationwide Insurance
Some sort of a signal… must also have to do something with the 2015 logo.
Reindeer in Washington D.C.
Election year! Our reindeer visits Washington D.C. to see if he can help bring some much needed fun to the election.

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