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History of the Reindeer Fun Run

“It all started because of what we awoke to see and hear on a chilly December morning back in 2006. We were in Charleston for a visit and stumbled upon their Reindeer Run. We saw joggers dressed as Christmas presents, kids dressed like Santa, dogs dressed like elves, and more people in antlers than you could imagine. What was all this craziness? As we talked to spectators along the route we learned that this was their Reindeer Run! My husband and I looked at each other and realized at that moment we shared the very same thought – this needs to happen in our community! And that’s how it began.

We reached out to Trident Marketing who agreed to be our “Jolly Old Saint Nick” sponsor so we could begin our event. We knew the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Sandhills needed all the support they could get and determined that they would be the charity we support.  We continue to do so this year with hopes of exceeding last year’s donation of $50,000.   Neither my husband nor I were runners and we had a lot to learn. We formed a committee of amazing folks and worked for months and months to learn about organizing a race. We set a lofty goal of 400 runners for our first year and hit the mark. By 2009 we hit nearly 900 participants. We added a 10k (which expanded to the 12ks of Christmas) in hopes of reaching even more runners.  It worked and we became the county’s largest race, now with over 2,600 participants!  The community support is amazing.  And all because of the hard work of the folks in Charleston and what we saw that day. Their event inspired us to act. So, every year beginning in January, we begin the hard work and planning for the next year. With nearly 150 volunteers, it’s best if we get a jump start.  In our 5th year, we moved our race just down the road from Southern Pines to Aberdeen.  They welcomed us with open arms and community and business leaders have been very helpful and thoughtful in how we can surpass even the loftiest of goals.”

Kate Petsolt
Reindeer Fun Run / TeamGreen, IncTeam Green 501(c)3 Non-Profit

TeamGreen, Inc. was established as a 501(c)3 non-profit charity with the mission of raising awareness and funds for area causes, as well as those national organizations that touch our community.  In addition to the Reindeer Fun Run, TeamGreen has helped with events such as the TwistedPig for Tornado Relief to support the North Carolina Red Cross.

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