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Trident Tricourse Challenge Winners!

Huge congratulations to Quinn Cameron and Peggy Hendrix for winning the first annual Trident Tricourse Challenge! Both of these athletes inspired us with their dedication to completing this extra special challenge this year, but Peggy—who works at the Boys and Girls Club of the Sandhills—has a story that is especially inspiring. We’ll let her tell it in her own words:

Reindeer Fun Run! I have been a staff member of the Boys and Girls Club since 2012 and I know the importance of this event to the club. The last few years, I have really let myself go physically. After COVID hit and I started adding those COVID19 pounds, I decided to start walking—aiming for 1 mile of 1 1/2 miles as many times as I could daily each week. When it was decided that the Reindeer Fun Run would be virtual I thought—I can do that, but also thinking that I may have to hit my pause button a couple of times! So this past Friday, needing a day of accomplishment, I walked “my course” and I made it! Then seeing the posts about the “Tricourse,” I decided to aim for my version of that. Having a neuropathy, I need to walk on a path that is clear of unexpected bumps. My version, just can I do the walk 3 days in a row? I just completed day #3! Thank you Reindeer Fun Run—volunteers, sponsors, runners and walkers for all the years that you have been there for the members (& staff) of the Club!

– Peggy Hendrix, December 2020

We love this story! Thanks Peggy, Quinn, Trident Marketing, and everyone who participated this year! See you next year!

Trident Tricourse Challenge Winners
2020 Trident Tricourse Challenge Winner Quinn Cameron
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