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This year’s logo?

We know it is early, but believe it or not May is when we usually start sharing the Reindeer Fun Run on event calendars, creating forms, and getting the website updated.  And May is just around the corner.  But in order to do that, we have to have our logo figured out.  We have changed the logo each year, and we want to continue that tradition. We’d love to know what you think we should do to this year’s logo!

Here is a look back…

2007 Reindeer Fun Run Logo
The original running reindeer – simple and fun with old-school sneakers.

2008 Reindeer Fun Run Logo
Feet moving now and head raised, this reindeer is picking up speed. A little more decoration too as the holly makes its first appearance! Our “generic” logo is very close to this version.

2009 Reindeer Fun Run Logo
Head up a little more, and now rocking a Santa hat to add to the holiday cheer.

2010 Reindeer Fun Run Logo
This reindeer is getting fancy – all tangled up in christmas lights.  Been there.

2011 Reindeer Fun Run Logo
A new direction for the race, and a new direction for our reindeer. Now in Aberdeen and sporting the tartan scarf, the colors are a little deeper to match.

2012 Reindeer Fun Run Logo
Year six and our reindeer is competing! The tartan is now a sweat band, and the reindeer is working hard with the bib sporting the year.

Unknown 2013 logo
We’re not sure – what do you think?

Send your ideas or post them to us on Facebook.

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