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Reindeer spotted in Moore County

We just received an amazing photo from a golfer in Pinehurst, North Carolina of a reindeer a very long way from home.  Luckily the anonymous golfer had his phone handy, and thought quickly to snap this picture.

Real Reindeer Fun Run
A reindeer is spotted in Pinehurst, North Carolina

Apparently the animal came wandering out of the pines decked out in the traditional costume of fun, running reindeer.  Presumably on his way to Aberdeen for the 7th Annual Reindeer Fun Run held on December 7th, this reindeer is a bit early, but probably heard that registration is open and wants to get signed up right away.  Reindeer are know to be proactive with a “why wait?” attitude toward fun and fitness.  We look forward to trying to spot this reindeer around town and ask that you send us any photos of the wandering reindeer so  we can share with all of our antler wearing friends.

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