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Anne’s Reindeer Fun Run Story

I decided to take a shot at the 75-79 age group record in the 12k run, “The 12Ks of Christmas” on December 6, 2014 because it looked like a really fun event, with those in costumes making it feel festive and lively. I took a big chance on this one because I’m running the Dallas Marathon the following Sunday, December 14, with my son David and my Granddaughter Rachel, which will be our 9th three-marathon together—I certainly didn’t want to ruin my chances for running well in that marathon a week later by wearing myself out the week before.

I may not have been so eager if I had known what a hilly course it was! In fact it was the hilliest course I have ever run. But in my naivety I jumped right in and then was taken aback by the huge uphill start, but I felt it might be the only hill in the race and then we would of course have a downhill finish. But the hills kept coming and my son had to keep encouraging me to hold back, realizing that the hills might ruin me and force me to begin to walk.

This race will always remain in my heart as one of my most enjoyable because of the daunting challenge, endless hills and cheerful runners. Achieving my goal by capturing the NC State Record was the whipped cream on the top of my ice cream sundae. Thank you for all the work involved to make such an enjoyable event available to all of us. “

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