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1SG Lunceford’s Reindeer Fun Run Story

Fastest 12k… in Kuwait?

We were so happy to hear form 1SG William Lunceford who, despite being stationed in Kuwait, wanted to run the 12ks of Christmas this year. So… he did! William reached out to us, and we coordinated with him for an official result. Here is a note from William after his run this morning…

“I ran the 12k @ 0600 this morning (7th Dec). I know that I would not not be anywhere near the quickest person in the race there but I was the quickest and only one running here. I was very happy with my time.”

Distance: 7.55
TIME: 59:29.8
Average Pace: 7:53
Quickest Mile: mile 3 @ 07:34
Slowest Mile: mile 6 @ 8:43

William will also earn a special Dasher Award, which is awarded to the first antlers to cross the finish line. at 0600 Kuwaiti time, he very much earned that honor. William, your shirt and medals are on the way!

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